Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mission for Missoni

Remember what happened just a few weeks ago on September 14th? Some of us got up at 7AM to hop on in hopes of avoiding the craze of shoppers on a mission for Missoni. To our dismay, the site was down due to the other hundreds of thousands of people just like us. Those that braved the in-store madness may have snagged an item or two, but most people I know were let down after the hunt.

However, my co-worker, Meredith Stiles not only found the block heel suede pumps, but their signature chevron pattern on a colorful blue knit dress. Her strategy was to check out what was returned after the sell-out sale.

She wore the dress to work yesterday, and I just had to share!

Meredith chose to keep the outfit simple since the dress does all the work with bright blues, pink and yellow weaving through the knit. Her tights and heeled booties were perfect in jet black. Sorry for the poor pic quality! My camera is le crap-py.

Hats off to Meredith for finding these pieces and not getting trampled!

M.S.'s outfit head to toe: dress (Target obviously), black tights by Assets, and black booties from Francesca's.


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  2. Super cute Meredith! Jealous that you were able to snag some pieces.