Monday, October 21, 2013

What My Photographer Wore

Back from Arizona for his sister's wedding, my friend Mark was looking dapper today and I just had to blog about his look.  Mark is usually behind the camera for me, so I turned the lens around on him and made him pose!

Overall, Mark's outfit uses a lot of different textures and colors that work together seamlessly. I loved the chambray shirt over the red-hued commuter pant. The pants are slim and fit Mark's frame perfectly and the rolled cuff is one of my favorite details for men's casual wear.



I cannot get over how cute the detailing is on these pants!
Pink thread, and polka dot lined pockets. A+!

I also love Mark's leather boots. Men, you cannot go wrong with a good pair of boots for the rest of the Fall and into Winter. Just remember, this is the first thing women notice about you, and these make a great statement.

Mark's outfit from head to toe: Levi's shirt, vest by Penfield, watch by Shinola, belt and pants by Ted Baker, and Frye boots.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Art of Fashion Show : Chicago

What a night! From standard clapping to outright cheering and whooping, last night's Art of Fashion Show was delightful.

While I snapped some pics and chatted with my ever so lovely date, Mary Mapes, the models clicked down the runway and showed off the latest designs from various designers.

Here are some of my favorite pics!

I have to say that Calvin Tran's looks got the most cheers from the crowd as several of the pieces he created often had surprise convertible options. One model took off her skirt to reveal that it doubled as a jacket. Very ingenious. 

And my favorite pieces from the night included everything that Lily & Migs did. Adorable! Each model had sunglasses adorned with psychedelic flowers and the models were so playful! Two of the girls stopped at the end of the runway and winked at photographers while licking lollipops. The last model came out with a clear pink trimmed umbrella that she twirled for the audience. The clothes may have been a bit straightforward but the presence and the attitude made them show stoppers.