Monday, October 21, 2013

What My Photographer Wore

Back from Arizona for his sister's wedding, my friend Mark was looking dapper today and I just had to blog about his look.  Mark is usually behind the camera for me, so I turned the lens around on him and made him pose!

Overall, Mark's outfit uses a lot of different textures and colors that work together seamlessly. I loved the chambray shirt over the red-hued commuter pant. The pants are slim and fit Mark's frame perfectly and the rolled cuff is one of my favorite details for men's casual wear.



I cannot get over how cute the detailing is on these pants!
Pink thread, and polka dot lined pockets. A+!

I also love Mark's leather boots. Men, you cannot go wrong with a good pair of boots for the rest of the Fall and into Winter. Just remember, this is the first thing women notice about you, and these make a great statement.

Mark's outfit from head to toe: Levi's shirt, vest by Penfield, watch by Shinola, belt and pants by Ted Baker, and Frye boots.

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