Monday, July 18, 2011

Petal Pink

I love when I can work on a styling job that includes something that's already in my client's closet. I encourage looking through your wardrobe before buying something new because chances are, you have an option that you can transform with a few new accessories.

My dear friend Alexandra (but I call her Al), asked for help picking out new shoes for this adorable baby blue and pink rose patterned tea party dress.

Here are the options I picked for her:

Since this dress has really pretty pinks, blues and greens, I decided to do a few neutral colors as well as pops of color. The light pink is a great alternative to the very popular nude and bone tones that everyone is wearing for summer. I also like the combination of cork, straw and leathers to keep the shoes casual but feminine and dressy.

And the winner is...picture number one! Al chose the ivory wedge with the rosette. Precious!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Working the Wedding

Most of us have already kicked-off wedding season this year, and are scouring our closets or shopping for the perfect outfit. A few friends have reached out to me looking for styling help with items they have already worn or purchased. After a few trips across the wonderful world wide web, I found the perfect pieces to complete their head to toe looks.

Here's an example. My lovely friend Blair was asked to photograph a friend's wedding. She already bought a skirt and wasn't sure if it would work for the occasion. She sent me a pic and I got movin' with a few ideas for tops, shoe,s and accessories.

This skirt is a great fit for the occasion since she will be running around and taking photos. To complement the look, I gave her two options for tops: go with sleek black, or add another pop of color. 


The black lace top adds pattern without being too busy against the bright pink. The blue, one shoulder blouse is flirty and fun, and tucking it into the skirt will keep the look cool and professional. 

Another option is this white tank with a scarf pattern inlay. I love that the pattern looks like it was pulled off of a country clubber, but, with the long flowing skirt, the two concepts contrast well.

Onto the best part...Shoes and accessories! Since Blair will be on her feet throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, I picked two gladiator sandal options with lots of color, of course. 

Either option goes well with the black top. I'd pick the yellow shoes to pair with the blue blouse, and the baby blue wedge with the white tank. For accessories, I suggested...


A funky chain link fringe necklace over the black lace top to give the outfit a bit of shine with an edge, or, for a simpler look, the turquoise pendant necklace seen below.


 For the flowy blue blouse, I picked beaded earrings to add some texture and play up the blue and pink.

Quick tip: In terms of accessories, a common rule is to keep it simple and pick either a bold pair of earrings or a bold necklace. No need to do both.

All of the pics above are clickable, so you can see where I found each piece.  Enjoy!