Sunday, January 12, 2014

LOFT Styling Event

Just a few weeks ago, I hosted a styling party at LOFT. It was a blast and I will definitely be doing more of these this year. Here are some of the event highlights in case you missed it! 

What I loved about this event was that I was able to work with a bunch of clients one-on-one throughout the eventing. Whether they were shopping for themselves, or picking out holiday gifts for family and friends, it was like being a kid in a candy store picking out unique options based on each individual.

I owe several people big thank yous for helping me with this event.
Brendan Shanley photographed the event, and as you can see, did a phenomenal job. Check out his awesome work on his site, Lost In Print

Natalie Barney created my invitations and signage. They were perfect and very "katie keeps it simple".

Melissa Unkel, store manager at LOFT, brought this opportunity to life and even made cupcakes for the event. Our sweets table was magnifique! Her staff also helped me so much! From promoting the event, to working with our guests and delivering a great experience that evening, they did it all!

And thanks to my friends that came out as well! Your support meant a lot to me!

Make sure you come to our next event so you can enter to win a free closet styling session with me!

My outfit that evening was from the LOFT. I was wearing their light weight maroon-zebra print cardigan tucked into a cobalt blue/black tweed pencil skirt with black tights and boots from John Fluevog. I have really been impressed with LOFT's selection lately and really liked that this outfit was a bit unexpected. LOFT is great for basic and classic pieces, but really nails the trendy and funky pieces too.

Until the next party, Happy New Year and remember to keep it simple!