Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Personal Styling: Sparkle for Susan

The holiday season is everywhere you turn and one thing we haven't missed this year is all that glitters and sparkles. I love all of it and was taken by a beautiful sequin sweater in Susan's closet.

Susan and I spent a few hours together one Sunday afternoon pulling together fun outfits for nights out on the town. As part of the personal styling session, Susan asked that I help put together a look to go with a new gold jacket she purchased.

Since the jacket is a bold color and has a broad color and great detail, I chose neutral pieces to compliment the look. The sequin's on the sweater have a greenish hue in the light and sparkle just enough without being too loud against the jacket.

Black riding pants and leather boots keep Susan looking polished. Simple gold stud earrings are the perfect accent to this snappy ensemble.

Susan's outfit head to toe: Ann Taylor LOFT gold jacket, vintage sequin top, J.Crew black riding pants, and black leather boots by Ralph Lauren.  

Season's greetings!