Sunday, February 9, 2014

Men's Styling: How to Dress to Impress on Valentine's Day

Here it is gentlemen. The Hallmark holiday that asks you to bring your A-game and impress your special someone. So once you've picked out some flowers, chocolates, jewelry or whatever you've chosen for your lovely partner, don't forget about how you look!

Here are a few quick pointers that are sure to shape up your look on this lusty holiday and have your date doing a double take!

1. Fitted jeans - if all men would just wear pants that FIT them, we'd probably achieve world peace. OK, not really, but this is one of my biggest pet peeve's with men's style. They wear baggy pants because they've been wearing that size forever. Go to the store and ask the sales person to help you find the right fit. I know not all of my readers want to wear skinny jeans, but just find a pair that don't have you swimming and tapered towards the bottom. Even let the pants hug your butt a bit too! Trust me, you will look like you've been hitting the gym with this simple trick.

2. Jacket - throw on a nice blazer over that button down. It can't hurt to be a bit overdressed this year, depending on where you're headed. Even if you stay in, surprise your love by wearing a nice outfit. That unexpected element of sleek style will definitely kick off the spark for the evening.

3. Haircut - and overall grooming for that matter. Have your barber give you a once over in the nose and ear department for any stray hairs. I can't believe I just typed that, but trust me! Your partner will notice the extra clean up.

4. Pocket Square - This is my favorite accessory to help you standout and bring your style game up to the next level. Choose a bright color or pattern to contrast against your jacket.

5. SHOES - If you've ready any of my posts around men's style, you've heard me say that your shoes say everything about who you are and how much you care about yourself. Shine up those loafers and oxfords and take them for a spin on the special day.

Followed my tips and you'd like to share your dapper look? Email me a pic of your date night outfit and you could be featured in my next blog post and on Instagram!

Happy Valentine's Day gents!

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