Thursday, July 25, 2013

What Rules?

This week I posted a video about putting together an outfit for work that highlights how you can mix black, brown, gold and silver and it's not against any fashion rules. That inspired some questions from my favorite L.A. friend, Richard. He asked how men can pull off this look since they don't get to wear as many accessories. Well Richard, the basic rule is to make sure that the black and brown shades contrast and are not too similar.

Take this example below from J.Crew. This brown leather jacket looks awesome against the charcoal gray and black. These pieces complement each other well because they contrast and are not too similar in shade. I think this is true for wearing a black suit with a bright or lighter brown shoe. There is a time and place for wearing all black (think more formal occasions), but daily this mix is a must! It creates an unexpected surprise and others will complement you on the bold move.

In case you missed it, here's the video of the outfit I was referring to. I hope to share more daily outfits to to help others find inspiration in their own closet. Trust me! You can put together new looks and if you any have questions send them my way!

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