Monday, October 31, 2011

Little Bit of Edge

I've been hoping to write a blog post about my fellow co-worker, Kirsten Chan, whom I've noticed always has the best accessories. Not to mention, adorable style too.

I caught Kirsten's tweet the other day that said she had on a gorgeous necklace, so I requested that she stop by my desk so I could check it out. Not only was it a kick-ass necklace, but her whole outfit rocked, so I had to blog about it.

Let's start with the necklace.

I love the rough around the edges chain-link metal that hold the three pendants, but the best part of this necklace has to be the back! It wraps from Kirstens neck, over her shoulders and dangles down the back. When she showed me this detail I just about fell out of my chair. What a fun surprise detail!

Kirsten paired the necklace with matching brushed metal cuffs and a ring. Her earrings are horseshoe studs  decorated with little crystals.

I love what Kirsten did with the rest of her outfit. Since this necklace is such a show stopper, she kept the rest of her outfit simple. Her pleated dress, and simple cardigan don't detract from the necklace and keep her outfit work-appropriate.

And it gets better...Kirsten's tights have the slightest pattern. The navy pattern contrasts well with her black and gray pieces without being too bright and distracting. And the booties keep her look modern and sassy.

Kirsten's outfit head to toe: black cardigan from French Connection, dress from Korea (the country, sorry friends), tights from the Calvin Klein Outlet, boots from Akira, necklace from Urban Outfitters, bracelets and rings from Cold Picnic and earrings from Trillium.

Thanks to Ian for the photos, Kirsten for being a model, and Nia at Guzzardo's floral shop  for letting us use her store front as our set! 

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