Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chic Travel

These days there is no shortage of fashionable versions of just about everything we use in life. If you do a little digging you will find those perfect black flats that are cute but functional for work, or that stylish trench that makes you look chic while keeping you dry.

I recently helped a friend, who I refer to as JWhite (Jennifer White), who needed a fashionable laptop bag that could also hold all of her purse items. This was a delightful challenge, and I found a few keepers that I thought I should share with you!
  • Silver bag from icered: I love the can’t-miss shine of this sportier bag. The cool metallic is unique and will compliment any outfit.
  • Black LeSportsac: The patent leather makes the bag look chic and fun while keeping it all about business with the traditional laptop bag shape. (TSA friendly - you don't have to take our your laptop when going through security. The bag opens butterfly style.)
  • Orange retrostripe from Oxio: This is one of my favorites in terms or incorporating a fun color with a functional bag.
  • Red leather by Kologbags: This classic red leather will be fashionable forever. I love the short handbag handles, but it also comes with a shoulder strap. This one really pulls off that purse-like look with all of the baggage room.
  • Retro pink by Rainebrooke: Stand out in a crowd of black-clad travelers with this pop of pink. It’s modeled after a train case and will hold your laptop and a few extras.
And which one did JWhite choose? The black LeSportsac. She's already traveling in style with her new trusty tote.

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