Thursday, June 2, 2011

Style That's Simple

To the ladies and gents that need a little advice when it comes to everyday styling, I'm here to help you keep it simple.

I've been interested in fashion for most of my life, but have a particular memory that sparked my passion for styling. When I was about 6 years old I remember staying with my aunt Carroll in Florida for a few days. One morning she told me to quickly get dressed before we went out for the day. So, I put on my hot pink t-shirt with my neon orange bike shorts. Her reaction was one of disapproval since she thought the colors clashed. I may have only been six, but even then I knew something about color blocking.

A lot of my sense of style comes from my momma. Her career as an interior designer has stemmed from her ability to make a room seem effortless and chic, which translates directly to her fashion sense; simple and elegant.

I hope that from this blog you learn how to keep it simple and be yourself! I'll show you ways that I've styled different looks and take a few snapshots of people on the street that are rockin' a style that works for them.

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