Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Styling for Men: Fit First

Alright guys, on to the next tip! A huge part of your look is the way your clothes fit. I've had a few people debate on skinny jeans or ask me if it's appropriate for men to wear linen pants, and I think the rule to follow is focus on fit first

One of  Ian's friends, Benjamin van Loon, did a quick photo shoot with us the other day, and his outfit is a great example of wearing clothes that fit.

I know guys in particular don't like to try clothes on at the store, but, if you can, try on a few different sizes that are close to the size you currently wear. You may find that, even though you normally wear a larger size, a smaller size actually looks better on you. Women have the same issue with buying clothes that are both too big as well as too small. So, just experiment a bit and maybe get a female's perspective on what she thinks looks good on you.

Here are a couple of things to look for if you can't get a second opinion when trying on clothes:

1. Dress shirts: the seam of the sleeve should be at the edge of your shoulder. If the seam falls too far off the shoulder, the shirt will droop and look sloppy. Also look for tailored shirts that do not have pleats/folds in the back or in the sleeves. This will help you avoid extra material that billows out and makes you look heavier.

2. Slacks: put on a pair of shoes and make sure the front of the pant only "breaks" once. Break refers to the number of folds in your pants just above the shoe. If your pants bunch up at the shoe and break more than once, they are too long. Also avoid front pleats in pants because they tend to puff out and, again, don't flatter your body.

Ben's outfit from head to toe: dress shirt and linen trousers from H&M, tie by Charles Tyrwhitt, and Cole Haan belt and shoes.

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